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Bio's can be painful, but here goes.

We'll my current incarnation is OldBoy, previously having gone under various other names. Ive been DJing since 1996. Starting off playing  Jungle/Dnb on Sheffield Pirate MainLine 102 and later on Derby based Pirate/Legal station Freedom FM.

I began playing a wider range of music, Breaks, House, Garage and downtempo add this to a pre 'Rave' history of 70's  Rock, Funk,  Soul and Punk and 80's 2tone and trash/anarchopunk and indie, you can see how i can span the range i do

After sitting about for a bit, I hooked up some like minded types and formed a soundsystem crew.

This lead 'diverse ' opportunities for playing out like:

Shops, Garage forecourts, Kitchen domestic and commercial, cellars, attics, car-parks, beaches, woodland, disused military bases. Squatted pubs, factories and offices. On vehicle roofs. At Stone Henge and Piccadilly Circus. On demonstrations Pickets, Protests and at Benefit Gigs in the UK and  Europe.