Serious Sounds - Skratch Punk for Hire

DJ's Take Kontrol

Proffesional DJ services, offering real choice to the decerning music lover




2 x Electro Voice Sx200 300Watt Mid and Top

2 x Skytec 200 active 200Watt Mid & Top

2 x Peavey 1201-8 Black Widow 350Watt Bass

2 x Berhinger Truth 135Watt Bi Amp Active Studio Monitor

1 x Tanoy 110WattActive Sub Bass

Bosse Sound Link battery powered speaker


Decks & Mixers, Samplers, Hardware & FX


2 x Technics 1210 Turntables

Vestax PDX 2000 MK2 Turntable

Vestax PDX 2300 MK1 Turntable

2 x ION Portable 7 inch battery operated Turntables

Raiden Fader RXI-F1 mini mixer

Jesse Dean JDDX2R Portable fader

Pioneer DJM S-9 Battle Mixer

DJ Tech DIF-1S Battle Mixer

Akai Tom Cat Analogue Drum Machine

Korg Volca Bass Analogue Synth

Pioneer EFX500 FX unit

Cycloops Loop Sampler

Roland MC307 GrooveBox


Midi Controllers 

Novation Dicers

Akai AMX Serato controller

Akai APC40



Mac Book Pro 2012

Mac Book Air 2015



Serato DJ

Serato Scrach Live

Ableton Live 9