Serious Sounds - Skratch Punk for Hire

DJ's Take Kontrol

Proffesional DJ services, offering real choice to the decerning music lover

We don’t just press Play...

Anyone can be a DJ right? Laptop, Software, Sync…well yeah...



Anyone can play tunes but the art of the DJ is the synthesis of programming (selecting the right tunes), skill (beat matching cutting scratching and mixing) and reading the crowd.

Come My Selector

Now, have you been to an event with a paid DJ? How’d that work out for you? Unless you’re paying top dollar to get into a club, the chances of you seeing anything other than a human ipod playing Motown/Abba medleys, Cheryl Cole and pop dance horrors, are slim. There is nothing wrong with this type of DJ. Its a broad church, but wheres the choice??

Serious Sounds can bring you that choice. Love Dubstep, House, Ska, Funk...we got, love Dancehall, Breaks, Juke, Punk...we got, love Classic Rock, Electronica, Rave, TV Themes...we got. Get the picture...